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What a Blast!
Technology | March 2004
On March 21 the Philadelphia Phillies’ venerable Veterans Stadium will blow up—on purpose, of course, imploded by the master blasters at Demolition Dynamics to make way for the parking lot of a brand-new stadium. You can read about the Veterans Stadium’s destruction and other monumental blasting projects at ImplosionWorld, “where demolition comes alive.” This unusual site features photographs of imploding and exploding bridges, silos, hotels, and other structures, plus eyewitness accounts, webcasts of live explosions, world records (the tallest, largest, and longest explosively detonated structures, for example), and Cinema Explosif, a collection of Real Player movies of stuff blowing up quite impressively. The Did You Know? section explains some technical aspects of these massive projects: what makes a true implosion, for example, and how buildings of concrete and steel must be blown up differently. Hooked on ImplosionWorld? Go to the shop to order signature T-shirts, mugs, and demolition videos. True devotees of destruction can purchase the “Advanced Engineering” implosion toy, which lets you construct your own 6-foot-tall, 22-story building and then blow that sucker to bits!

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