Medford Lakes Live Turtle-Cam

Turtle-Cam is located in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, on Lake Siquitise in beautiful Medford Lakes, New Jersey.  The camera is mounted at large log frequented by many types of wild animals, and remotely controlled from a nearby residence.

The most common inhabitants of the log are red belly, painter, musk and red-eared slider turtles.  Each dry day between 10am and 2 pm est spring through fall, dozens can be seen clamoring for a spot on the log or basking in the sun, and the larger ones will sometimes flip (or nudge) the little guys off to secure their favorite position.  If you don’t see turtles during this timeframe, that means there’s a fisherman or dog roaming nearby so just keep watching…they’ll return in a few minutes.  We have seen up to 17 turtles packed on the log at one time.  If you don’t see the log in view that means there are no turtles visible and we’ve pointed towards something more interesting for the moment.

Lake Siquitise was fortunately not affected by the great flood of 2004, so many of the larger turtles are up to 30-40 years old.  Other wildlife that regularly use the log as a resting spot include great blue and greenback herons, and mallard and muscovy ducks.  In early spring and late fall, cormorants and snowy egrets visit the log during their migratory trips.

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Some screen photos from the Turtle-Cam